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List of Jaiz Code, jaiz Bank USSD Code, Transfer, Account Balance Check, Costumer care Number, Email And More About jaiz Bank -Agajahub Publishers

List of Jaiz Code, jaiz Bank USSD Code, Transfer, Account Balance Check, Costumer care Number, Email And More About jaiz Bank Hello everyone today I'm going to make a round Up about Jaiz Bank and All jaiz code for every Jaiz Bank activities. Jaiz Bank Jaiz Bank is a Nigerian first pioneer Islamic banking that's delivering an ethical banking and finance service in Nigeria since 2012, With balance sheet of N379 billion in December 31 2022 Wich shows a great growths when compared to 2012 when it has balance sheet of N12 billion. Jaiz Bank also ranked as the most Improved Islamic Bank in 2020 and 2021 respectively by GIFA Award. OPay Customer Care Number Nigeria and OPay USSD Code jaiz bank code Jaiz Bank Code are code used to Carry Jaiz Bank activities like checking balance, making transfer, opening account and more. How To Do Ecobank Account Statement Using Mobile Application jaiz bank ussd code The General USSD Code for Jaiz Bank is *773# to Carry All jaiz Bank activities  jaiz

List of Private Schools in Sokoto State

List of Private Schools in Sokoto State Sokoto State, in northern Nigeria, has alots of private schools, these schools are scattered across different local governments within the state, ensuring that education is accessible to a wide range of communities, also these private institutions play a very important role in providing quality education to the residents of Sokoto State. In this article we are listing all the private schools by their local government, making it easy for you to find. LIST OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN SOKOTO-SOUTH: 1. AHMAD DAN BABA MODEL QURANIC SCHOOL 2. DARUL HADITH SCHOOLS N/P SCHOOL 3. HERMON SCHOOL 4. DOUBLE JOY INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY 5. GREAT DAGAMA'S LEGACY SCHOOL 6. SHEIKH ABDULLAHI FODIO INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES 7. MINANATA NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL 8. ATTARGIBU INSTITUTE FOR QUR'ANIC MEMORISATION AND SCIENCES 9. IQRAA ACADEMY 10. HIMMA INTELLIGENT ACADEMY 11. SIDI MAMMAN ASARAKKAWAN INSTITUTE FOR QUR'AN AND GENERAL STUDIES 12. ACHIEVER NURSERY

Level One To Three Courses and Their Relevant to Nursing

Nursing has many different courses, and these courses are very important for nursing in many different ways. In this article, i will explain the relevance of each course to nursing from level one to two and even to level three. LEVEL ONE COURSES Level 1 courses in nursing education provide students with a foundational understanding of essential subjects that form the basis of a nursing career, these courses not only teaches students with theoretical knowledge but also offer practical skills necessary for their journey in healthcare. I will explain in details the relevance of each course to nursing. Anatomy and Physiology I and II: Anatomy and physiology are incredibly relevant to nursing for several reasons. First, anatomy and physiology provide a foundational understanding of the human body and how it works.this is essential for nurses, who need to be able to assess patients, provide treatment, and recognize changes in health status. Second, anatomy and physiology are important for

Different Courses in School of Nursing and Thier Role In Hospital

Different School of Nursing courses play an important role within the hospital, from level one to three, each course contributes uniquely to the hospital, In fact, there is no single course taught in nursing school that doesn't play its part in hospital, the hospital's mission is providing comprehensive care, this article talks about how all these nursing courses help in the hospitals. • The role of Anatomy and Physiology in hospital is to help doctors and nurses understand how the body works, so they can figure out what's wrong when somebody is sick. Example, they will know where the heart, lungs, and other parts are located to better diagnose and treat patients. • Then Foundation of Nursing: The role of this course in a hospital is to teach nurses how to be really good at taking care of patients, making sure they are comfortable and safe. They learn how to help patients move, how to keep the patient clean, and how to talk to them calmly. Requirements To Pass every Examina

Time Management and My Study Pattern That Got Me Successfully Graduated From School of Nursing.

Good Time management is very very important for doing well in school. It is like the key that helps students reach their goals. In college, where there is a lots of differents work to do, knowing how to use your time wisely is very important, in this article i want to share with my studying pattern that got me graduated successfully.  As there are different classes, assignments, and tests to deal with, that is where time management is crutial. Now, there are so many hours in a day, but by planning when to study and work on things, you can get a lot of things done without getting stressed out. By having a plan and following it, you can tackle everything without feeling overwhelmed. And yes, this skill is not just for school, it is also useful for other parts of life too, like finding time for hobbies, works and even exercise. It very amazing because it allows you to set your goals and actually achieve them by spending time on what matters. As you go through your school experience, you w

After Getting an Admission into School of Nursing What are The up Coming Challenges and How To Prepare for Them.

Getting into nursing school is a big achievement, and it is a step towards a rewarding career in healthcare. The journey ahead is very exciting, but it is important to knows that different challenges will arise. In this article, i will explain the challenges that you might face after gaining admission into school of nursing and provide you with practical tips on how to prepare for them. If you learn about these challenges and get ideas on how to beat them, you will be more ready to make the most of your nursing school time. Time Management and My Study Pattern That Got Me Successfully Graduated From School of Nursing. ACADEMIC CHALLENGES: When you begin nursing school, it is like starting a learning journey. You will face some tough challenges, attending classes and reading a lot are really important for your education, you won't have time for your self sometimes. The hard schoolwork needs you to really focus and not to joke. Sometimes, even when you try your hardest, You might sti

Courses You Should Know, Learn and Master If You Want to Join School Of Nursing.

If you are interested in joining nursing school, there are several important courses to learn and master. This article will help you understand the courses you need to know before joining a nursing school. We'll talk about the different subjects that are valuable for your nursing career. If you are thinking about becoming a nurse, there are four most important subjects to focus on which are:  ENGLISH PHYSICS CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY   Just like these subjects are needed for exams like JAMB, they're also crucial for nursing. It's interesting to note that the questions for the entrance examination often come from these four courses. What's more, after you join the nursing program, you'll encounter them again during the introductory classes. So, these subjects are not just a one-time thing, they're the foundation for your nursing journey, from the very beginning to your first steps in the nursing world. After Getting an Admission into School of Nursing What are The up Com

College of Nursing Science Sokoto Admission Process and School Fees

College of Nursing Science Sokoto Admission Process and School Fees  The College of Nursing Science Sokoto formally known as the School of Nursing and Midwifery Sokoto,was established in the early 1970s, with Mrs. Harts Field as the first Principal of the School of Nursing and Hajiya Balaraba Budah as the first Principal of the School of Midwifery. Initially located at the Specialist Hospital premises, the school moved to its current location in 1981.  It covers an area of approximately 16,972 square meters In 1979, it gained provisional approval from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to train Nurses and Midwives. In 1993, Governor Malam Yahaya Abdulkarim has elevated the school's status by signing a law making it the first autonomous School of Nursing and Midwifery in Nigeria, and Alh. Bello Balarabe is the first Executive Director of the school. How To Get Admissions Without Jamb In Shehu Shagari University Of Education Sokoto How ever the College of Nursing Science So

UBA customer care number

 UBA customer care number  United Bank For Africa ( UBA ) is one of the best leading fan African financial services providers, they have allot of costumers across all 18 countries in Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Morocco. The interesting facts about UBA customer care service is that they are using the same customer care number in all the country they are operating. How To Do Ecobank Account Statement Using Mobile Application List Of Countries UBA Is Operating Nigeria  Ghana  Kenya Sierra Leone  Tanzania  Uganda  Zambia   Liberia Benin  Congo DR  Cote d'lvoire  Gabon Guinea  Ma  Burkina Faso  Cameroon Chad  Congo  Brazaville  I have make a lot of research about the uba customer care number and I have found that  a huge amount of people I searching for it, that what make my decision of comprehensively writing down about uba customer care services including the chatbot in Facebook, their website, Twitter account and their verified Facebook account. Related Topics All You

What Should I Do After Seen a Job Opportunity Advertisment? Check Those 6 Key important Steps

 What Should I Do After Seen a Job Opportunity Advertisment? Check Those 6 Key important Steps Hello everyone today I'm going to write about an important approach tips and the strategies that every person who is willing to apply for a single job shall follow for him or her to increase their success rate. Getting job is not an easy something in this world as the rate of job available is not enough if we compared it with the number of people who are searching for the job in the world. Sometimes some people has an experience, knowledge, skills and all the requirement for the job they are applying but due to the issue of very good CV and a cover letter they may not get the job. Today Agajahub publishers has decided to figure out 6 important success tips for everyone applying a job to consider it. 6 Key Important Factor To Consider While Applying For a Job  CV ( curriculum vitae)  Cover letter Job requirements  Job description Responsibilities of the new employee/ key duties  Deadline o